Impex has secured several deals with both suppliers and transport companies in order to achieve its’ short and long term goals. At this time Impex is providing key personnel together with procurement of spare parts and used machinery for several of its clients based in the Middle East specifically in Pakistan is able to provide a service second to none.

Management at Impex believe that research is essential and the main ingredient in success specially with the advent of new technologies including the Internet, companies are becoming more competitive and therefore in order to secure its position Impex has decided to invest heavily in research and development. In order for it to be able to achieve these aspirations within its industry, Impex has decided to use several tools at its disposal:

bullet point Attendance at exhibition relevant to its’ business;

bullet point Trial of new products & technologies;
bullet point Use of the Internet to find best price performance together with a fast turnaround.

Impex will be attending many exhibitions available to the Industry, that it is concerned with including MTech, Control and Drives Exhibitions, Resale in Karlsruhe Germany to name but a few.

In order to introduce new products to third world countries, Impex will use its know how to identify gaps in the market and in order to satisfy itself that products would be of use in those markets it would invest in ordering samples and using them by providing them to its contacts in Middle East. Upon positive feedback it would secure deals with relevant companies in Europe and the UK in order to establish a solid line and its own agency within the countries in question.


By using the Internet Impex is able to find prices for equipment both in record time with the best price available. Not only does Impex possess the know how within the heavy industrial machinery and raw material industry but Impex uses its’ know how within the IT industry to further its performance in searching for items on the World Wide Web.  Extensive use of Internet based industrial directories are part of Impex’s arsenal in order to find and source items and materials it is after.








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