Impex:  Import Export

The name Impex comes from Import/Export, and since its inception back in the early 1990’s it was the intention of its management to use the company to trade with foreign companies.






Established 1990 With a view to providing quality service in the Import / Export of commodities from both within the UK and EU countries Impex was perceived.

The name Impex is derived from the name Import / Export and hence from its inception the owners of Impex wanted to make this company a success story within the import / exports of goods and commodities.





After several years within the management of Dr Muayed, Impex was handed over to its present management.  And from those early years until now Impex has been dealing with the purchase of heavy machinery and outsource of equipment required for the steel industry.





In 2001 Impex moved to its new Headquarters in Cricklewood based in North West London providing it with a strategic location within the UK economy in order for it to be able to work in this very competitive market.





Impex has expanded its research and procurement abilities by using its technical know how to boost its ability to procure goods at better prices with better performance.
It has also employed key personnel with extensive experience in procurement market thereby leveraging both its’ potential based on its location and its staff knowledge to move ahead in this difficult and competitive market.





Impex through the employment of various strategically placed experts in the Middle East has been able to extend its offering to include the procurement and supply of electronic goods, equipment for dental practices, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.







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